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Liar's dice (common hand)

best rules variation

I’ve been a semi-active board game nerd for quite a while now and I find myself playing a wide variety of games, ranging from Jungle Speed to Battlestar Galactica and go. Board games are a huge universe to explore, but there’s been one game that me and my friends have been playing for years now and it’s still a crowd favourite. It can accommodate virtually any number of players, it’s cheap (all you need is some dice), simple to explain, and - last but not least, drunk-people-friendly. If you can still count, you can still play and even if the table is all covered in beer, the dice couldn’t care less.

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Intern's guide to Dublin

I spent the last three months in Dublin, on an internship with Microsoft. The experience was great and I could recommend it to anybody, but that’s not what I wanted to talk about this time. Whenever you move from one place to another there’s a certain amount of know-how that makes your new life easier/better/more predictable and that knowledge usually comes with time. By the end of my internship I felt at home in Dublin and now I’d like to share some tips with you.

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online machine learning course

In the last three months of the last year I had the pleasure of taking part in an online machine learning course, taught by prof. Andrew Ng of the Stanford University. The course is already over, so it might seem old news, but next edition should start any time now. If the topic of machine learning seems interesting to you in any way I can really recommend it.

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