In Progress

Nothing serious right now :o



All three projects started by Pete, presenting a simple and powerful alternative to the standard Elixir cowboy/Plug/Phoenix web stack. For a while I was contributing to them as much as I could and Raxx has now reached 1.0 and stabilised a bit.


An Elixir developer tool that helps you validate your dependencies contain no hidden malicious code. Motivated by horror stories from the JavaScript community such as this hypothetical one and this very real one.

After presenting the project at Code BEAM STO I decided to put the project on the back burner until there’s more interest in the subject.


A thin Elixir wrapper for :redbug production-friendly Erlang tracing debugger. It tries to preserve :redbug’s simple and intuitive interface while making it more convenient to use by Elixir developers.

Crawlie the crawler

A simple Elixir library for creating decently-performing crawlers with minimum effort. Written mainly to understand GenStage, Flow, and the process of publishing a package on

Boggle Cracker

A C# CLI tool to crack a game of Boggle. Given a word dictionary and a “board” state, under half a second lists all words that are possible to find, sorted from most to least valuable. Written as part of coding interviews preparations :)

my reddit saved items

A more convenient way to browse and filter your reddit saved items. Playing with the Reddit API and deploying a Play! Framework app to Heroku. Source code here

dotty dotfiles

The simplest way I could find to have settings synchronised between computers and to set up a new OSX machine.

the What What What

My entry for the 2014 Hello World Open competition, written in python. Placed 4th (IIRC) in the Europe & Africa region.

Almost Done

(this is where abandoned projects go to die never be picked up again)

Erlang Editor

A curses-based console collaborative editor proof of concept. I wrote it to wrap my head around Erlang and OTP.


A Play! Framework / OpenCV app that given a link to a picture generates a version of it with all the faces replaced with trollfaces. Doing it seemed important at the time…


I still might go and extract the logic from it and rewrite it one day when I create a band ;)