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TDD in C++

a screencast in Polish

For my classes I recorded screencasts about TDD, and, because lately I’m focused mostly on c++, I decided to dive into google test instead of the regular jMock and Mockito. Initially I wanted to make it a tutorial showcasing all the tools within the library, but it ended up being a TDD Kata solving example with a short introduction about how to set up the development environment.

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Google engineers meetup

and good advice from Joshua Bloch

This thursday, in the lecture hall of the Biology Departament of University of Warsaw, Google organized a meetup with their engineers, celebrating the official launch of their new office in Warsaw. The event started with Joshua Bloch’s, lecture, which was a treat for the attendees, most of whom were MIM UW students, almost filling the room.

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laptop monitoring

the aftermath

Some time ago I described a script you could use to see who’s using your laptop when you’re not around. I sadly (?) didn’t catch any robbers using it, but the whole setup already took nearly 4000 photos, some of which might be a little interesting:

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